Dublin: Day before travel nervousity and rant about airports

Tomorrow I leave for my very first, big championship. To be honest I am nervous out of my  mind. The worst part is that there’s so much to be nervous about: even the plane ride over to Dublin where the championship is being held! Fun fact about me: I HATE flying. I don’t understand people who aren’t scared of flying? LIke we’re currently several thousand feet up in the air, in some metal tube weighing an immense amount, relying on some flaps to keep us from crashing down and bursting up in flames, and here you are sipping on your cheap chardonnay, watching a boring rom-com. I can’t be in full responsibility for nervously staring at the wings. “They’re still intact guys! Guys?…” No but seriously, flying is a terrifying concept. Now that I think about it, I may have developed my fear from the trauma that comes from my many airport… disasters. Airports are a living (so far), HELL for people in wheelchairs and they are probably the main reason for me having learned to stand up for myself… well, you know what I mean.

I remember flying from Palma airport where they so eagerly insisted that I take a “special route”, skipping all the lines and taking an entirely different way through security, passport control, etc. Only catch: This would mean I’d be separated from my family since I’m only allowed to bring one person through with me. So my dad, being who he is, starts making a big fuss over how we “travel as a family and will not be separated”. There are two sets of staff in this situation: the people who are supposed to scan you as well as two airport security, each holding this big rifle. Guess who my dad decides to starts yelling at…

You also get the dumbest questions by airport staff when you’re in a wheelchair. Sometimes you’re not even the one receiving the questions at all with the classic “can she?”. My family and I have developed a system for this scenario. My parents simply say nothing while i so rudely interfere and answer so unwarrantedly FOR MYSELF with “yes, SHE can”. One of the questions that I’ve gotten and haven’t quite wrapped my head around yet is “is that your own chair?”, to which I answer “No, I stole it off my grandma”. Like if I can’t walk for myself inside the airport, what makes you think I can walk around in my day-to-day life? Also, can you really not tell the difference between my personal chair, weighing 3kg, has no handles and CAN NOT FOLD IN HALF, and you’re lame excuse of a wheelchair?! I seriously hate the airport wheelchairs. You can’t even reach the wheels sometimes and even if you do the chairs are so wide that there is no way you could push yourself. Which means you are pushed around by your company or in worst case scenario, by a staff member at the airport. “Left here please”, “but, ma’am, your gate is to the right”, “OH HELL NO, we’re going shopping. Tax free here I come, you heard me, LEFT”.

Speaking of tax-free and the airport wheelchairs is the advertisement sometimes displayed on the back of the chair. I have no choice but use these wheelchairs sometimes when the airports have lost my wheelchair (yes, that has happened), and you’re using it to advertise? I haven’t signed papers, nor am I getting paid for helping you sell some shitty, overpriced whisky from the tax free shop. When you think about it, when advertising alcohol on a wheelchair, we who use the wheelchair sort of become the picture of some burned lung or yellow teeth on the pack of cigarettes. Like, “Glenfiddich: world’s most awarded single malt whisky (DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE)”

Anyways, enough with the rant. Yesterday I went and got my nails done, because why not cripple yourself further with impractically long claws?;) I decided that since it’s my first big championship, I wanted to pay a tribute to my team and go for a Sweden theme. I love them so much and am really happy with how they came out!


Today I really just went training in the afternoon, or morning in my eyes since I woke up less than 2 hours prior. When I came home I also decided to play around a little and created this eye look.

20180808_184308.jpg          20180808_184120         20180808_184318.jpg

So that’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed the extensive rant. Wish me luck for tomorrow;)

Love, Nicola

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